Nature Photographer

Dino Tomassetti, Jr. is San Francisco-based photographer specializing in nature photography.  His years of work as a nature photographer gave him a deep appreciation for the art. In the past few years, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. has ventured into other photography genres and has deepened his understanding and appreciation of the craft even further.

Amid today’s global health crisis, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. has discovered new ways to capture the beauty of nature while on lockdown.  He says that the pandemic has changed photography in many ways and that photographers must adapt and learn new ways to cope.  For instance, practicing at home can keep one’s skills sharp.  He mentions capturing both sunrises and sunsets as a great example.

Over the past year, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. has written a series of blogs on nature photography and photography in general.  He shares on this site his vast knowledge on the subject with everyone willing to learn more about this most wonderful hobby. 

Below are just some of the topics that readers can expect on this site.

The benefits of nature photography

With nature photography as his forte, it’s no surprise that one of the most prominent themes on Dino Tomassetti, Jr.’s blog site will be about the many benefits of this particular genre of photography.   

In these blogs, he will share some of the best benefits he has reaped from his life’s passion, from becoming more fit and healthy in both body and mind to having a renewed sense of appreciation for the natural beauty the world has to offer.

Staying sharp

Dino Tomassetti, Jr., especially in today’s world, emphasizes the importance of practicing.  In a couple of blogs, he will share the many different ways expert photographers keep their skills sharp, even when staying at home. 

He will mention methods such as taking several shots of a single object from different angles to experimenting with natural light.  Photographers can also practice taking photos of animals such as dogs, cats, and birds to prepare them for wildlife photography. 

Experimenting with camera settings and familiarizing oneself with camera gadgets are also a great use of one’s time, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. adds.

While these are the two main topics readers will find on this site, there will be several other photography discussions that are sure to be both entertaining and educational for photographers young and old.