Nature Photographer

Important photography tips for your beginner’s journey

As Dino Tomassetti, Jr. has progressed in his skills as a nature photographer who practices his craft in his hometown of California.  He has gone through loads of experience that has turned him into a competent photographer today.  As his way of helping people who are within the same interest, he shares the things he…
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February 5, 2021 0

Expert tips on sharpening one’s photography skills

Nature photographer Dino Tomassetti, Jr. mentions that the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as so many unfortunate events in the past year, have thrown several wrenches into plans for so many people, photographers included.  And while Dino hopes that this year will be better, he mentions that photographers can still sharpen their skills amid a…
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January 10, 2021 0

Nature photography 101: How to use sunlight

San Francisco native and nature photographer Dino Tomassetti, Jr. believes photography is the greatest hobby in the world.  While most people spend a lot of their time taking photos, a good deal of them go on to learn more about the craft and eventually embrace it as a passion.  There is a constant influx of…
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December 15, 2020 0