Expert tips on sharpening one’s photography skills

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Expert tips on sharpening one’s photography skills

January 10, 2021 Photography 0

Nature photographer Dino Tomassetti, Jr. mentions that the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as so many unfortunate events in the past year, have thrown several wrenches into plans for so many people, photographers included.  And while Dino hopes that this year will be better, he mentions that photographers can still sharpen their skills amid a lockdown.

The truth is that while photography doesn’t necessarily require being close to other people, there is still a big risk when going outside one’s home.  That said, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. notes that nearly everything one needs to do to keep their photography skills in tip-top shape can be done at home. 

Here are three expert tips on how to sharpen one’s photography skills while at home.

1. Experiment on a single subject.

Photographers can take a piece of furniture or maybe an apple and experiment with it using their camera and photography fundamentals.  This is also a great way to cultivate creativity.  Dino Tomassetti, Jr. himself uses different variables such as angles, lighting, and camera settings and sees how different subjects appear from image to image.  By learning the many creative ways the subject can be photographed, a photographer tells a different story with each take on the subject.

2. Practice capturing live subjects.

Whether people walking on the sidewalk across one’s home, birds in the trees, or even pets at home, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. says that capturing live subjects is a great way to develop patience, judgment, and a photographer’s technical ability to adjust quickly, depending on the situation.  It also enhances a photographer’s ability to anticipate movements, which will serve them well when photographing sports, events, or wildlife.

3. Learn about camera settings.

Cameras are quite complex machines.  Add accessories such as lenses and shutters and all the different settings cameras have today, and it can do just about anything in terms of capturing images.  On that note, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. suggests that young photographers get a feel of their cameras, especially if they are new cameras, so they can get used to moving.  The best photographers have always been one with their most essential tool.

How do you practice your photography at home?  What challenges do you face practicing photography at home?  Feel free to share your own tips with Dino Tomassetti, Jr. in the comments section below.

Dino Tomassetti, Jr. is a photographer who specializes in nature photography.  He is based in San Francisco, CA. For more blogs like this one, check out this site.