Important photography tips for your beginner’s journey

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Important photography tips for your beginner’s journey

February 5, 2021 Photography 0

As Dino Tomassetti, Jr. has progressed in his skills as a nature photographer who practices his craft in his hometown of California.  He has gone through loads of experience that has turned him into a competent photographer today.  As his way of helping people who are within the same interest, he shares the things he has learned through the years.  This blog shares some photography tips for beginners.

1. Start with an entry-level camera.

Your beginner’s journey in photography will have to face the acid test of patience.  It will take time for you to achieve a level of mastery. You should divide your progression into manageable segments, which you could then treat as milestones, shares Dino Tomassetti, Jr.  Let the experience come to you naturally and have a feel of challenges as they present themselves. There’s no point in getting that expensive camera at the start.  If you really want a more complex camera, try to earn it by proving that your skills surpass the challenges that a basic DSLR can provide.  You can then sell your used camera and get a new one easily.

2. Develop the skill of shot composition.

You can take as many pictures as you wanted with today’s technology instead of before when you needed to budget your shots as the film roll only afforded a limited number of shots.  However, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. says that this is no excuse to be trigger happy and take photos with reckless abandon, just because you can erase them anyway.  Discipline yourself enough to absorb the image in front of you and see composition elements you could use before taking a shot.  This is the discipline that comes with taking photographs, which beginners like you should develop early on.

3. Read up on the literature.

In your elementary knowledge of photography, it is not that easy to define what counts for a good photograph and what does not.  In this case, it is always helpful to look at how the more senior photographers work and what they actually do to produce results.  You need to have a clear idea of the standards in photography. You only need to go online to see various examples, along with some experimentation tips from the experts themselves.  Watching videos of photography influencers and vloggers should help you get on to a great start.

Dino Tomassetti, Jr. is a photographer based in San Francisco, CA.  He specializes in nature photography and is very fond of sharing his experiences with other aspiring photographers.  For more on his work, visit this page.