Nature photography 101: How to use sunlight

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Nature photography 101: How to use sunlight

December 15, 2020 Photography 0

San Francisco native and nature photographer Dino Tomassetti, Jr. believes photography is the greatest hobby in the world.  While most people spend a lot of their time taking photos, a good deal of them go on to learn more about the craft and eventually embrace it as a passion.  There is a constant influx of photographers as many people who discover their love for photography are more than willing to invest time, money, and effort into the endeavor.

For his part, veteran photographer Dino Tomassetti, Jr. has written several blogs where he shares the knowledge he has amassed throughout his years as a student of photography.

In this blog, Dino Tomassetti, Jr. shares two points of what he considers to be an essential aspect of photography genres, including nature photography: lighting – natural lighting to be more specific.

1. Learn the angles and positions of subjects relative to the sun.

The proper use of the sunlight is key to dramatic nature photography.  Dino Tomassetti, Jr. mentions that the angle of the shot, in which the camera is pointed toward the sun’s general direction, but without the significant source of light getting in the way of the subject, can produce spectacular images.

Another thing young photographers need to be familiar with is distance.  Certain distances give ideal lighting conditions.  When a photographer shoots a portrait under these specific conditions, the subject can appear softer, with the shadows being more subtle.  Also, the flare that floods the picture can make the composition more magical.

2. Try shooting during sunrises and sunsets.

Many novice photographers believe that the ideal time to take pictures is high noon when the sun is directly above and at its brightest.  Dino Tomassetti, Jr. and a host of other veteran photographers believe it either to be sunrise or sunset. 

During the sun’s rising and setting, the light angle is a lot easier to manage and creates more creative and dramatic images. It’s also important to note that objects in nature tell different stories at different times of the day and give off different appearances depending on how the light hits it.

What is your experience when using natural light in a photoshoot?  Feel free to share them with Dino Tomassetti, Jr. in the comments section below.

Nature photographer and San Francisco native Dino Tomassetti, Jr. encourages everyone to go out and photograph all the beauty in nature.  Learn more from him by visiting this blog.