Trying out nature photography challenges to develop your skills

Nature Photographer

Photography enthusiast Dino Tomassetti, Jr. has always been fond of giving out advice on his hobby, which he is extremely good at.  For those who are out to find some opportunities to advance in their talents in nature photography, Dino shares some of these challenges that can develop your skills and perhaps even reinvigorate your spirit with a renewed love for photography.

1. A good shot in bad light

By now, you must realize how important lighting is to photography as a whole.  Lighting is everything whenever you are taking pictures.  However, nobody said you couldn’t take photos in bad lighting.  As a nature photographer, you might find yourself having to make do with what you have, says Dino Tomassetti, Jr.  Your next challenge should be to come up with the most awesome photograph you can take with bad lighting.  This offers a palpable degree of difficulty but doing such a thing is not impossible.  Should you pull this one off, you can truly say that you have leveled up.

2. Taking photos from very far

In nature photography, you will need to capture photos that are hard to reach due to physical limitations or natural obstructions that may hinder your movement.  The next step in your challenge is to take pictures from an even longer range. There’s a skill to spotting a potential subject from afar with your bare eyes, after which you look into your camera and make a good composition out of it.  Dino Tomassetti, Jr. shares that another thing you can do is find your lens’s limits and take the most awesome shots you can take from there. Don’t give in to the temptation of getting a stronger lens just yet.

3. Take photos in black and white

Nature photography is often an engaging hobby because of the wonderful colors of nature, which you use to compose the most beautiful pictures admired for the obvious diversity of colors.  However, have you ever thought of taking nature photos in black and white?  In this challenge, you will train yourself to see the depth of emotions as you scout for potential elements that would evoke a lot of feelings, shares Dino Tomassetti, Jr.  This is definitely a challenge that will call upon your creative thinking and your natural wits as a photographer.